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By Michael O'Hara | Posted 2 yrs ago
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Jojo Restaurant

881 Main Street, Downtown Moncton
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Starting right in on the ethnic vibe we take a look at possibly a lesser-known but seriously worth-visiting establishment located right downtown on Main Street.

This husband and wife duo hailing originally from Shanghai, China brought with them traditional family and local delicacies from their home country.

Their quaint restaurant features a unique layout with the kitchen at the front of the store and seating behind. The concept is reminiscent of Asian takeouts and food vendors you might see other areas.

Jojo's extensive menu (featuring over 90 items and combos!) has something for everyone. The incredibly friendly owners are more than willing to show you options and answer any questions you may have.

One of my favourite things is their Shanghai noodles. This made-to-order menu item can be prepared in many ways, with different meats, vegetarian and vegan-friendly, as well as various spice levels and add-ons.

The noodles can be ordered on their own or part of one of their numerous combos. At the super-affordable price starting at $3.49 for a generous single portion. If you need a quick and affordable lunch option while downtown, you really cannot go wrong.



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