Abandoned container lift trucks at the remains of a former Ferry terminal

By Michael O'Hara | Posted 2 yrs ago
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Last May, I took a drive out to a place called Cape Tormentine in New Brunswick and caught these awesome abandoned pieces of machinery (Raygo Wagner CHE70 container handlers) left behind when the old Ferry terminals were shuttered after the Confederation Bridge came into service.

Not much remains of the old site but these container movers and some outbuildings waste away on the deteriorating wharf. When the bridge opened, the area dried up as the main highways and roads to the area were diverted and traffic forgot this place existed.

I also found, near the outbuildings these cool pieces of machinery and equipment including some sort of crane claw/hook, and an old tractor.
Abandoned tractor at an abandoned Ferry terminal

A few miscellaneous images of the outbuildings, and other interesting things around the site. I'd like to get back there again this summer and look around more and get some extra pictures.

Stay tuned for more!



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